Recovery Box Pre Launch

Recovery Box

The Recovery Box project has been approved by Kickstarter and is planned to be launched on Sunday 1 March at 10 am.

This link will take you to a pre-launch of the project and give you an understanding of what the Recovery Box can do.

Please send this out through your networks and support the development of a resource that has the potential to change the way information about Mental Health can be accessed by all stakeholders.


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Update with Task 1 for 2018 Team Marbles Challenge

This is an update for the Task 1 for the 2018 Team Marbles Challenge

City of Sydney Narratives Project

This post has an update with Task 1 for the 2018 Team Marbles Challenge (TMC).

The figures and graph below shows where each of the teams are up to with Task 1 for the TMC for 2018.

The Orange team (192) is leading today, followed by the Green team (129). Purple (83), Red (61), Blue (36) and Black (22)

As with last year this can change by the time we get to the main completion on 11 October.

The scores relate to the Post Engagement scores from the Insights page of the teams Facebook page.

To assist your teams score share posts on your teams facebook page and encourage others in your networks to do similar things.

This link has a video that talks about Task 1 and 2

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Wheel of Wellbeing


I have been fortunate to receive a Wheel of Wellbeing kit from the NSW Mental Health Commission 

I have found the information in the kit to be useful and easy to get people engaged in a conversation about Wellbeing.

So far:

  • I have given away 30 Wheel of Wellbeing buttons
  • 10 passports
  • three groups have agreed to set a date to use the kits

I look forward to doing more with the Wheel of Wellbeing in 2018


Duty Host

One of the questions I am often asked on a regular basis since stopping work at St Vincents is: You seem to be very busy Douglas.

This is true and it has been some 458 days since I left, however this image really describes the new role that being eligible to receive an Aged Pension has allowed me to develop as I enjoy this new role.

I would be more than happy to make time to show you some of the wonderful Recovery Resources I have at my disposal, especially since the release of the Seclusion and Restraint Report prior to xmas by NSW Health.

Feedback on Promoting Recovery Month

Dear Adam this originally bounced back to me because I had an error in his email. I was now able to look further into this and I bumped into your email address here

Would you kindly look into the information I sent below, and if interested contact me OR my supervisor Ivette Torres being copied in this email.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Ana Gabriela Monzon

Graduate Intern- Consumer Affairs

SAMHSA/ Center for Substance Abuse Treatment/ Office of the Director

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Work Phone: (240) 276-1183

Emails: /

From: Monzon, Ana (SAMHSA/CSAT)

Sent: Monday, October 24, 2016 4:46 PM

To: ‘’

Cc: Torres, Ivette A. (SAMHSA/CSAT); Monroe, Michele (SAMHSA/OA/OC)

Subject: Introduction; International Recovery Month Observance

Dear Mr. Douglas Holmes,

I work for Ms. Ivette Torres, Associate Director of the Office Consumer Affairs (OCA), at the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, SAMHSA. I would like to congratulate on your efforts for National Recovery Month; we saw your events on the website. Thank you very much for posting those online, and we hope they were a success!

Here at OCA we are in the midst of establishing mechanisms of garnering support to expand observance of National Recovery Month (Recovery Month) internationally. At the institutional and global level, we have drafted a policy memo for Mr.Paolo del Vecchio, Director of SAHMSA’s Center for Mental Health Services, which was used in WHO’s mhGAP Forum in Geneva requesting an official UN day or month for Recovery Month observance. Additionally, at the hemispheric level, we have recommended that PAHO’s member countries designate an annual monthly observance related to lauding the benefits of recovery from substance abuse and mental health conditions, via our comments to the NCDs and Alcohol Position Papers for PAHO’s 55th Directing Council meeting that took place in NYC last month.

I would like to ask if Hearing Voices Network NSW would be interested in becoming a 2017 Recovery Month International Planning Partner, which would require of your participation in the Planning Partners meetings taking place periodically,as outlined here: . Your organization would then be included in the International Planning Partners list here, which aims to foster greater collaboration between stakeholders doing similar work that you do. As we seek to expand Recovery Month internationally, this feature should be able to be of more service to you.

Moreover, in order to schedule a conference call with interested parties, I would need to know if you would like to support our efforts, and if you can leverage contact information for other organizations working alongside you in Australia

in similar efforts, as we would like to reach out to them as well. I will be greatly appreciative of your help and response.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Ana Gabriela Monzon

Graduate Intern- Consumer Affairs

SAMHSA/ Center for Substance Abuse Treatment/ Office of the Director

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Work Phone: (240) 276-1183

Emails: /