Peter_HAWESPeter combines personal experience of trauma, psychosis, and hospitalisation with experience gained through training and practice, including working in the first Voices Vic team. A voice hearer, Peter’s work is based on the principles of the Consumer Movement. He has created and managed innovative projects supporting young people, families, and adults who hear voices or have unusual beliefs. Peter is a founding member of SUPER CRO, trainer and spokesperson, promoting creative responses for people in severe distress.


He is Deputy Chair and board member of SUPER CRO a Consumer Run Organisation that aids consumers through education, advocacy, collaboration, feedback, and equal representation.

An information brochure is included here: Creative Ways of Working with Glass with Peter Hawes On the brochure you will find information about how to obtain a bursary if you are not able to afford the full cost of the workshop. The workshops are being held on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 of February 2020.


Book a place for the Creative Ways of Working with Glass with Peter Hawes

The two-day workshop, on 13/14 February 2020 is suitable for people who have experienced mental and emotional distress, families and supporters, mental health and community workers, doctors and therapists, and anyone who would like to better support people who have experienced mental and emotional distress. The purpose of the workshops is to teach participants how to make 3 kinds of fused glass pendants; from start to finish, as a salable product. Participants will also be taught how to use Market Taxi to raise funds for consumer-run projects; and ways of using creativity to cope with emotional distress and symptoms which have been shown to improve people’s relationships with their experiences and feel more empowered.



A video with Pete chatting about Warm Fused Glass Workshop


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