Our Fees

Our primary concern is to improve the quality of services provided by hospitals and organisations to the homeless and mentally ill.  That means we are very outcome focused.

Being outcome focused means tailoring our fees to the financial capacity of the particular client who seeks our assistance.  That means in some instances we will charge a much lower fee, and even do pro bono work for clients we consider do not have a capacity to pay.

In other words, the importance of the work we have been asked to undertake to the homeless and mentally ill people served by a particular client, compared with the capacity of that client to pay, are significant factors for us in deciding our fee.

In most grant/donation applications, we will charge on a no success/no fee basis if we consider the application has a good prospect for success.  If the grant/donation application is successful, we will most times base our fee on a percentage of the grant/donation received.

For most other work we prefer to charge based on the value of the work itself rather than on the time it takes to do the work, although that is not possible in all instances.

Before we start work, we will provide our client with a fee disclosure letter for their acceptance.  The letter will scope the work we have been asked to do and disclose our fee and payment arrangements.

It should be kept in mind that many of the service providers we use have their own fee arrangements which may not be based on the considerations referred to above.  These service providers include accountants, lawyers, app designers and the like.

We will arrange for our service providers to enter into appropriate fee disclosure arrangements separately and directly with our clients.