Operational Advice

National Disability Insurance Scheme

When fully implemented, the NDIS will offer the opportunity to literally transform the lives of those suffering from mental illness.

It will be the key driver of mental health projects and programs for the foreseeable future both in New South Wales and throughout Australia.

Information from the NSW Family and Communities Services website sums it by saying:

‘The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a once in a generation reform that will improve the lives of people with disability in Australia.

People with disability have the right to decide their own best interests, and to have choice and control over their lives and the supports they receive.

Through the NDIS, people with disability will be able to access the reasonable and necessary supports they need, to live the life they want and achieve their goals and aspirations.

The NDIS replaces the existing state system with an approach based on an entitlement to support people with disability.

When the NDIS is fully operational, an estimated 140,000 people in NSW will be able to access supports – this is an increase of approximately 50,000.’

It is vital that homeless and mental health support organisations understand:

how it works;

  • the support and funding it may offer their particular organisation and the people they work with;
  • the roll out program relevant to their organisation; and
  • how to access the benefits it offers.

We are able to provide mental health support organisations with reports addressing each of these points. We can also provide seminars to groups of organisations on this topic.

Because the roll out program is so fluid and changes regularly, we can provide a watching brief to keep organisations informed of relevant developments relating to their organisation.


We are able to assist clients to create develop and project manage the provisions of projects and programs.

As an example of what we can do, here is a link to the Project Outlines on our website.


We have considerable experience in identifying funding opportunities from grants and donors.  We also have a track record of successful applications.

Because of this success, we are able to assist appropriate organisations take full advantage of funding opportunities.

Technological assistance

Our founding principle is to use creativity and innovation to transform recovery programs.

That means we are able to assist our clients take advantage of the latest technology such as:

  • app research, development and implementation; and
  • social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook,
  • to transform the services they are able to offer.