Structural Advice

Using our contacts and our own skills we can help organisations decide on such things as

Choosing and setting up the most appropriate legal structure for your organisation

It could be an incorporated association, it could be a partnership or a company including one limited by guarantee.  It could be a cooperative or an indigenous corporation, or it could be a hybrid structure.

We can help you select the most appropriate structure and then help you set it up.

Setting up can be very time consuming.  Preparing constitutions, registration of organisations, establishing committees, running meetings, preparing minutes, understanding and implementing industry reporting obligations and many other such tasks, are all matters we can help you with.

Setting up and structuring a social enterprise

The key feature of social enterprises is that they ‘share in the running of an enterprise to achieve an economic, social, cultural or environmental mission that benefits the public or a particular community.’ (justice connect Social Enterprise Guide March 2014).

They can be ‘for profit’ and ‘not for profit’ or both and can take the form of any of the legal structures referred to above.

Social enterprises offer tax and grant/donation friendly features as well as operational advantages.

Because of these and other features, they are becoming more and more popular with mental health focused organisations.

It is possible to add a social enterprise to an existing not-for-profit organisation.

We can help you understand and learn more about them and should you wish, help you set one up.

Resolving disputes

It is common for individuals in organisations to have differences of opinion.  In some cases those differences can virtually ‘paralyse’ the operational activities of the organisation.

We are available to step in and attempt to resolve disputes which have this affect.