Follow Up After April Program Planning Meeting for “Looking Forward Looking Back 2022”

Progress with LFLB 2022 ,You are invited to participate in planning the program for the 2 day festival

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At the Looking Forward Looking Back 2022 working group meeting today, we started working on the registration process for both the M.A.D Pride concert and the Soapbox presenttaion.

We would appreciate if you would forward this email if you have people in your network that may have an interest in presenting during this 2-day festival to celebrate the Centenary of the death of Henry Lawson.

Register your Interest for the M.A.D. Pride Concert being organised as part of LFLB 2022
We are looking for people who want to get on their Soapbox and tell us like it is: Henry Lawson was a regular at Hyde Park

Planning for Looking Forward Looking Back 2022.

Draft outline for the two day festival in 2022.
We have secured The Hall at the Clovelly Bowling Club, 1 Ocean Street, Clovelly, NSW 2031 for the Looking Forward Looking Back 2022 2 day forum on the 6/7 September.2022
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Join the LFLB 2022 Facebook Group – we currently have 81 members on the Facebook group
Looking Forward Looking Back 2022 will celebrate the Centenary of the NSW State funeral of Henry Lawson.
This is the start of planning a two-day festival in September 2022

This report is being written by Douglas Holmes to give feedback to members who had registered (21) or attended one of the Zoom meetings in 2021/22 plus people on the SUPER CRO eNews Mailchimp.

The reason for the meeting is to continue the work from the previous meetings to celebrate the life of Henry Lawson on the 100th anniversary of his state funeral on 6th September 2022.

If you do not want to be on the list you can unsubscribe from the bottom of the Mailchimp eNews.

I have been asked several times what my interest in Henry Lawson is and why do you want to organise a 2-day forum about his life.

My interest is that I have always liked his poetry and short stories, however, I became aware through working at St Vincents Hospital in Darlinghurst for 12 years that he was diagnosed in 1902 with Bipolar Affective Disorder and stayed in Caritas a number of times up until 1914.

This document A History of the Lunatic Reception Centre in Darlinghurst gave me a greater understanding of the part that the Caritas unit at St Vincent’s Hospital played in Lawson’s life and inspired me to do something to celebrate his life.

A copy of the feedback from the 5th meeting on 3rd January
Send an email with any additions you would like on the agenda
Start of proposal for LFLB 2022 using the Heilmeier Catechism
If you have previously registered yo do not need to register again. Two emails will be sent out to the 21 people who have registed 48 and 6 hours before the meeting with the Zoom link in the email
Start of draft budget for LFLB 2022
The draft program that has been developed by the program working will be the main focus of the February meeting. Please take time to look through and come ready to discuss this with the working group.
A little more information about Henry Lawson
“Heilmeier Catechism” or How to write a good project proposal
A copy of the feedback from the 4th meeting on 6th December
A copy of the feedback from the 3rd meeting on 1st November
A copy of the feedback from the 2nd meeting on 4th October
A copy of the feedback from the 6th September
This is an image of a mural of Henry Lawson at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel in Sydney

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